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RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Cybuster - 08-31-2017

@BrutalAce bless ya sir, I have a most wonderful idea of a mod for her. TT______TT

Also, I believe you about the boring part xD

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - sleepy_scrub - 09-01-2017

Question, Fam:

Does anyone know how these old ass textures work?
I'm trying to pull from VF5 and the texture format is totally different.
[Image: Wolf_Textures.jpg]

I've got green textures, orange textures. I think a few B&W ones. Any idea what I'm looking at?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 09-01-2017

I got some troubles regarding injecting texture (dds) file back into the uasset file.

See, I followed this tutorial here for my first texture mod (this one) and it was success. Now I get some requests to make two mods involving texture modding as well
1. Changing the sky color in CPT 2017 / Ring of Pride stage from daylight to night
2. Changing the SFV logo shown on the center monitor in CPT 2017 / Ring of Pride stage to some custom logo (provided by the requester)

After extracting the dds files from the respective usasset files, I began to edit the dds files using my little Photoshop knowledge and they were pretty much success imho (the sky become night and the SFV logo become the custom one). Now on the way to inject those edited dds files back into their uasset files, again I use the same tutorial above and then I check the result in game, here is what I get
Show ContentSpoiler:
For the first mod, yes the sky is shown become night but the clouds are only on the right side and also actually it's not full night sky as there are some parts that still blue sky (I use Cammy's intro and CA to verify this issue). And for the second mod, the custom logo is not supposed to look like that.

Anyway after series of trial and error sessions, my conclusion is because maybe I inserted the edited dds files into the wrong place of their usasset files, which is supposed to be not true as according to the tutorial, if we start selecting from the bottom, it's pretty much perfect result.

Please help me solve the issue (I attach the original files below), I think the solution is we need to figure out where the starting offset of the position to insert the dds file.!xF4SiaAa!GPtSQ4gxy89j-X2Hx8QpzKKp-e1EixdNJ4INaKQ-Eio

Thank you in advance.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - KrizmKazm - 09-01-2017

(09-01-2017, 04:44 PM)robhal Wrote: I got some troubles regarding injecting texture (dds) file back into the uasset file.

Were you saving that out as a DXT5, resulting in a matching blocklength of AAAD0 when you got the odd results?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - AkumaXDragonS - 09-02-2017

that looks amazing :O ( Night VersioN! ) of ring of pride dude !

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 09-02-2017

One dds uses DXT1 and the other one uses DXT5, I make sure both are saved correctly with their respective format (the file size is exactly the same too). But what I meant was it is not the edited dds files that caused the result went odd, but apparently it is because the starting offset to insert the dds into the uasset is wrong (which is not supposed to be wrong if I follow the tutorial as it told us to start selecting from the bottom).

So the summary is that it seems some texture uasset files have different starting offset to insert our edited dds in them, we can't just rely on "start selecting from the bottom" to find the starting offset.

It's the sky texture that changed, everything else is still the same.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Cybuster - 09-02-2017

@Firkraag @BrutalAce

This is what I see when I try opening the PSK file to export.

[Image: LqDoTNM.png]

Is there something I'm doing wrong? On both programs they are missing parts/exploded. This is what is making the whole process so frustrating Undecided

Is there a way to do this that doesn't involve 3DS Max (I have ABSOLUTELY no clue or time to learn and use that program unfortunately)

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Khaledantar666 - 09-03-2017

@Cybuster this video will surely help you:

EDIT: Start the video from the beginning

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 09-03-2017

Sorry guys I was out of town because of an occasion, I am back now. Uploading Menat files in an hour.


Milkshape is a very old program so I am sure all the plugins it has are old too that's why you're facing this problem. Blender is a new program but nobody bothers to make a proper PSK plugin for that, SFV models are very complex with a lot of bones and 8 weights per vertex so you'll end up facing those problems if your PSK plugin is old, the only plugin that works fine is Gildor's ActorX Importer for 3DS Max which I use for extracting models.

Even Gildor's UModel have a huge problem that it doesn't support extracting 8 weights, it just do a work around of reading all weights and then discarding the less significant weights, the downside however is that you loose 4 weights per vertex even if they are less significant, that's why several mods have bad looking vertices around elbows, shoulders etc because those areas need 8 weights to move properly in SFV and after loosing 4 weights they end up with bad movement and several modders don't fix them. I try to fix them in every mod I make but it's a pain to go through, I tried to convince Gildor to upgrade UModel with 8 weights support but he said it will take too much effort. I even offered him some financial donation but he still refused so the best thing we can do is to use UModel to extract PSK files then use ActorX Importer to import them in 3DS Max then extract them as FBX and finally use the FBX in your preferred 3D program. Whether you fix lost weights is up to, sometimes you don't see much difference but sometimes you do see ugly issues for example.

[Image: RS24p1V.png]

See Juri's smile in mod vs original, that's because of loosing some important weights.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - leafretv - 09-03-2017

Hey guys I have a quick question regarding models. So in some mods, I see modders for example bruce ace add 4k textures which i'm assuming is through blender. I was curious if I could do this with low poly models such asĀ [Image: _smite__swc_2017_amaterasu_xps_only____b...aqv7bz.jpg]

Is it possible for me to mess around and make this model alot cleaner/more detailed within blender? Or is it not possible since it's a low poly model? Sorry if the question itself is confusing lol.

Basically I just want to know is it possible to make this model look better than it does atm. If so, how?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Cybuster - 09-03-2017


ah ok. I guess I'll have to download 3DS again lol. Was hoping to avoid that program.

Now to move on to the joy of relearning how to paint weights proper in maya to transfer to unreal lol


I tried watching his videos but the distortion he put for GOD KNOWS WHY give me a genuine headache. I try every so often to see about powering through so I can make a PDF or something so I don't have to ever watch those set of videos again but the whole experience is kinda hard and that choice of audio toppled with the overpowering music makes it that much harder to stand.

I'm also aware he noticed from all the comments on the videos with similar complaints I just gave here and him mentioning about going to try to upload a new version. (who knows when nor do I expect him to do so)

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - TaNooki - 09-03-2017

Yeah, I had to watch those videos multiple times when I was first starting out just to grasp everything, but the info is solid. He's actually making a new set of SFV modding tutorials without the voice distortion:

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Cybuster - 09-03-2017

(09-03-2017, 07:58 PM)TaNooki Wrote: @Cybuster
Yeah, I had to watch those videos multiple times when I was first starting out just to grasp everything, but the info is solid. He's actually making a new set of SFV modding tutorials without the voice distortion:

lmao!! woooow! MUCH BETTER!!

welp, time to get crackin' on this fountain of info I've been receiving today from this forum and with these video! Thanks for the heads up @TaNooki Big Grin

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 09-03-2017

All Menat costumes have been posted on this thread, her costumes use APEX and have tons of materials so you'll have to sort them out.


RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 09-04-2017



Sorry I missed your post. Yes you can add 4K textures to low poly models, textures can be improved on any model whether low poly or high poly though not every detail can be made through textures and sometimes you need a high poly model to achieve those details.

Speaking of textures you can improve them by up-scaling the image but up-scaling result in loss of quality so the areas that loose a lot of quality needs to be drawn manually, this is mostly done in Photoshop or any other advanced painting program like GIMP, in my case when I up-scale costume textures I follow this procedure and then draw the affected areas manually but when I make bodies then I make all textures from scratch, this is where Blender comes into play, stuff like baking Ambient Occlusion and Normal maps can be done in Blender. That's where I go with 4K resolution so they come out extremely detailed and crisp.

When working on low poly model itself, I often subdivide it and then use sculpting to improve some details, but it depends on the model. Lets say you have a model with circular object like her waist cloth and it looks jaggy/uneven then you can subdivide it and use sculpting to make it look nice and smooth with cleaner edge flow though subdivision can also make your life difficult if you get too ambitious with it like subdividing your model a lot.

Coming to your main question, I'll say it's a bit vague because you should know what you really want to improve ? if you just want her textures to look better than try up-scaling her current textures then draw the parts manually that lost quality after up-scaling and you'll get better/crisp details, you can also make new normal maps to add better bumps to areas like her pants where you need more curls and so on.

In short, every model can be improved by texture and mesh modding.

Hope this helps.