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RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 01-04-2018

It's probably because of your antivirus program; see, maybe a few hours ago your antivirus still had the old virus definition that doesn't detect the "color edit tool for 15 colors" as virus but now it has the latest definition that somehow detect the tool as virus now. I can assure you that if you previously downloaded the color edit tool from the link below, it is safe and virus-free (I also confirm this with VirusTotal scan result)!eF0xEKpR!yihJmTUECtMaoyLQQ9sPmYbijXQ0sJ1BQ_MqWI9WPEc (the source is from the video description from this tutorial thread)

Now on how to fix this problem on your side, just add the exe files from "color edit tool" to your antivirus scan exclusion list (or "whitelist").

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - sleepy_scrub - 01-04-2018

Thanks, it came to me as soon as I got some sleep.
Rather than rename the textures in the Mesh via Hex I just had to rename textures so  that they matched the names within the material file I wanted. Much easier.
Raven says thanks for the help.

[Image: Raven_test_1.jpg]

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 01-04-2018


Welcome to the forum.

That tool is not a virus unless it got infected on your computer or maybe sometimes anti viruses get updates that start detecting some programs as false positive. I also face this issue with u4pak.exe and to solve this I made a folder that I added in AV exclusion list and I do all my modding work in that folder.

On side note if you're making mods for about an year then maybe you should consider sharing them with people and help the community grow Smile



No worries man and that certainly makes sense since you just need to read the file and then any other references in the file get processed automatically. That Raven looks awesome man, reminds me of SFxT times Big Grin

Keep up the good work!

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Pai_ - 01-05-2018

By looking at this can someone tell me what I did wrong? it seems she cannot open her mouth. Also I bit of a delayed response but thanks to Sleepy, Brutal, and others that provided advice on the errors I got extracting textures and materials with umodel.

[Image: Bx1gpTZ.jpg]

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - sleepy_scrub - 01-06-2018


A lot of times when you transfer weights from one model to another it's not exact and groups can get mixed together that aren't supposed to be (especially if you don't have the mesh proportions 100% exact).
In your case I would probably guess the weights for the top and bottom lip are mixed together which is causing that. You'll have to adjust weight paints manually in blender. I would start w/finding the weight groups for upper lip and erasing anything that goes below to the bottom lip and vice versa with the bottom lip, and maybe make adjustments from there.
I have the same problem with Raven, I'll let you know if I find a better way to fix that.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 01-06-2018


The question is why are you transferring weights here ? if you're making an outfit then you just need to transfer weights on that item, you don't need to transfer weights on face unless you're changing the face which is not the case here since you're using Chun's original face.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Pai_ - 01-13-2018

You know I remember trying to add items from another character but failing to do so, maybe thats where I messed up, I need to watch more tutorials. Anyways I went back to an earlier version cause I was not able to fix it with Sleepy's tips. Thanks for help.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - butthush - 01-14-2018

Hey, first time poster here! Is it possible to completely swap characters? For example, i want to train against ed but i dont want to buy him, can i replace fang for example for ed to use him in training mode?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 01-14-2018

Atm I don't know how to do a "full character swap complete with moveset"; but if later I can do it, I still won't do the swap for you or anyone else because I don't like the idea as it can be abused for getting the DLC character for free (just look at the past situation where people tried to make playable Juri and Urien from General Story mode to replace FANG and Alex by using hack). Sorry if you don't like my principle.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - butthush - 01-14-2018

@robhal No problem my man, i can see where you are coming from. If you made this kind of mod everybody would abuse it online. Is there like an offline character unlocker or 100% offline save? I want to try to get to platinum but buying a character to learn how to fight against them is kinda stupid. feelsbadman

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 01-14-2018


Here is the 100% save game file.!uhlgWL5Y!F6liHfkf8Pnc5Q4WsjLwdUfZhW7H_V6PUMdSUHGloAc

A couple of things.

1) As far as I know the guy who used to make these stopped so it does work right now but I am not sure if it will work after AE patch.
2) Make sure you backup your original save game first, instructions are included in archive (THIS IS IMPORTANT).
3) You cannot use it online so you have options of CPU and/or VS between two players.

Credit goes to coolestguy86.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - butthush - 01-14-2018

@BrutalAce Goddamn, there is a 100% save file! Thank you so much brutalace, i appreciate it!

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Trife88 - 01-16-2018

Yo, does anyone know what could be causing this?
[Image: sWBiy8P.jpg]
I removed my entire mod foldier and it's still showing the above.  I'm at 46% Validating through Steam so hopefully this fixes my issue. 

I can't even go into Training Mode Sad

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Monkeygigabuster - 01-16-2018

Your Pak Mod Manager (PMM) hasn't read the updated PAKS file,that's why the game don't work even you remove mod folder
Open your Pak Mod Manager (PMM) so that the apps can check the new updated files and the problems will be solved

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Village - 01-17-2018

Hey what's the mod situation with the update, I know music mods don't seem to be working and some mods are broken, is there an update situation going on?