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Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 08-25-2017

Modding Discussions

Post your modding related questions here including cool tips and tricks you find during your modding career, informative posts will linked on this page for future reference. Also please check the whole thread carefully before posting your question, chances are it might have been answered before.

How to make 2 different costumes in one slot

Some Tips & Tricks:
How to extract psk file with material name still intact

Important Info:
Info for "Cody Patch and broken mod issue" --> part 1, part 2, part 3

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - KrizmKazm - 08-27-2017

Damn man, this forum already looks 10x cooler than any of the other ones.  Nice job!  Digging the color scheme.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 08-27-2017

@KrizmKazm Thanks man! The best thing is it's ad free and no restriction on content, I should have made this choice before but anyway, you always learn from some experience Smile

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 08-28-2017

Want to ask about texture modding.

I got a request from someone that asks for "the night version of CPT 2017 / Ring of Pride stage", in particularly he only wants the night sky look. I recall that moddah and cornweigh made their own night stage mods by darkeing the sky texture. I have extracted the sky texture from S04 (Ring of Pride) folder, it looks like this
[Image: d0uXQT3.jpg]

Now what I gonna ask, with my quite limited Photoshop knowledge (CS6 version here), how can I make the sky become the night one? Thank you in advance.

EDIT: just found a nice easy way to simulate the night sky, I just copy the texture from the red channel (in Photoshop layer window) to the top RGB channel because it looks like a night sky for me atleast.
[Image: Go7fmIs.jpg]

But I just found another issue when trying to inject the edited DDS file into the UASSET file. See, as in my previous experience when extracting the DDS from UASSET file, the size of the extracted DDS file is usually similar with the size of the UASSET file, but this time the size is so different (257KB vs 343KB), thus I think the in-game result is not perfect (there are some parts that still the blue bright sky) when I inject the DDS anyway.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - KrizmKazm - 08-28-2017

It sounds like you found your solution? If you want any stars added to the sky or anything, feel free to shoot me the graphic in an editable format.

Can anyone remove the damn mustache on Ryu's Halloween costume for me? I'd throw a bounty on it... PM me if interested.

I have 10 Custom Colors + Chest Sweat + Removal of Hat ready to roll, but this fuzzy grey mustache bothers me haha and it's gotta go. I'm not sure if the rest of the mask is modeled underneath, or if it's an odd empty hole. Has anyone tried this already?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - sleepy_scrub - 08-29-2017

It's modeled but there's a weird dark shadow where his mustache is supposed to be:
Show ContentSpoiler:
SRMA maybe? Lemme check.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - BrutalAce - 08-29-2017


looks like Ambient Occlusion issue, go to the alpha channel of SRMA and look for the shadow over his mustache area. You'll have to clean it up.

And welcome Smile

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 08-29-2017

Yeah it seems like one way to accomplish what I atleast want. But I decide to not use that one instead because like I said before it has some issues (the clouds are only at the right side and some parts still show blue sky, screenshots are below).
Show ContentSpoiler:

So I go with the new approach which is replacing the original CPT 2017 stage sky texture file with the file from other stages (the night one ofc). After several attempts, I pick these three as the one imo
Show ContentSpoiler:

I probably gonna pick the NZ1 or LVS one for the release.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Cybuster - 08-29-2017

I'm using the extract all bat BrutalAce made but does anybody know a way if I wanted to extract a specific pak like the one that holds that characters or would I have to use the extract-all each time an update is released and browse through the folders it outputted?

After extracting all the folders I wanted to find the Menat folder but it doesn't appear (update is released and I was able to play with her) so wouldn't her folder be in the Chara folder like everybody else?

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 08-30-2017

Yes you can do that by just running the "quickbms.exe" then select "" and finally pick which pak file you want to extract.

Menat's files are inside the "Ver111250_Steam.pak" (located in "C:\Users\-YourUserName-\AppData\Local\StreetFighterV\Saved\download" folder).

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - KrizmKazm - 08-30-2017

OMG Menat's walk is so fucking cute. We can change the color of her crystal balls in the ColorEditTool! I'm in heaven.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - The Coin Op. Kid - 08-30-2017

I feel like I'm in a race with @KrizmKazm to who can get a Menat color mod out first. His will most assuredly be better.

P.S. Thanks @robhal to mentioning which of the .pak files to extract the Menat assets from.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - Trife88 - 08-30-2017

I was planning on making a color pack for Menat's Battle outfit but again I've failed. I found the Z23 files but you can't use the u4pak.exe pack method since the files are located somewhere else. Re-naming the files ex. /03/ to /01/ didn't work. I don't know how to modify the new dlc.manifest so whenever I move the new update pak file the game just re-downloads. I'm going to chalk this up as a failure and give up. The only other option would be is to unpack everything manually since that bat file set up doesn't work for me either (something with duplicate files needing to be renamed.)

Bleh. Cool new forum btw.

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - KrizmKazm - 08-30-2017

I'm working on C3 now, but am in no hurry Smile .

RE: Modding Discussion Thread - robhal - 08-30-2017

Read here for installing mods