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Full Version: [Question]How could I make a DOA character to SFV?
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Excuse me I suddenly realize I posted in wrong section,there is a section for questions,any manager help to move this thread to there?

I finally made a mod from reaping a cloth from a XNALARA model to a SFV character,thanks to @BrutalAce  @addysun@Ouji@Ecchi Gamer

but I saw modders like @TiggieWhite @Khaledantar666 ,they can make a SFV character using a DOA character,how did they do it?

well,Brutal Ace answered me :" it's basically the same thing like putting cloth on the character but a lot more work, you have to resize the target character to source character and then rig it which includes face as well and that's the toughest part since you cannot modify face a lot otherwise it won't look like original face so that involves a lot of manual weight painting, weight transfer will only give you a starting point then you have to start fixing it manually, specially eyesockets and mouth/lips." if anyone interested.