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Fantastic work on the Ada mod. Any possible chance you could change the damage form to only remove the heels and keep the pantyhose on?
Dead or Alive 6 mod Tina as FF8 Quisits Trepe

[Image: ddfz9mj-b83cb763-57ca-42bc-98e9-f9ce2acd773f.jpg]

Download link:
DOA6 mod Mai Shiranui as DOA5 Sarah Bryant

[Image: ddg1dw4-f7c71d2f-ba41-447d-90ec-e1420f012a4e.jpg]

DOwnload link:
Dead or Alive 6 mod Honoka as FF8 Selphie Tilmitt

[Image: dead_or_alive_6_mod_honoka_as_ff8_selphi...46-pre.jpg]

Download link:
Dead or Alive 6 Mod FFVII Remake Tifa mod pack

[Image: ddg8xiq-0c8a56ba-871f-4ea1-8139-0f78cf9d7b91.jpg]

Download link:
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