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Full Version: [Guide] How to Change Character Names
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Another way to change a character's name is by editing their 'DA_XXX_Personal.uasset'; you basically have to change all instances of the character code (RYU, RMK, Z21, etc...) to whatever name you'd like to give them.

Heya everyone. This is just a simple tutorial on how to change character names and possibly the names of other functions within Street Fighter V.

Essential Tools: 

SF5-extract (By Robhal)
Unreal Engine 4 .locres Text Tool (By Swuforce) - Original DL - Mirror
Notepad or any simple Text Editor
WinRar or 7-zip - Original DL for 7-zip
Fluffy Quack's Mod Manager

The steps are relatively simple, but somewhat time consuming.

Step 1: Extract SF5-extract (NEW).7z using your Archive Extractor (7-zip is the free choice).

This is self-explanatory. 

Step 2: Extract Street Fighter V's .pak files using SF5-extract 

Copy SFV's Pak files typically found in Steam\steamapps\common\StreetFighterV\StreetFighterV\Content\Paks into a folder within the SF5-extract directory like this:

[Image: image.png]

Double-click on 'quickbms_4gb...'. A screen will appear, so you select '' and then another screen like this will appear:

[Image: 1.png]

  • Within this window, open the folder you copied the Pak files into and select all the '.pak' files. 
  • Another window will appear afterwards asking you to select the output folder, so create a folder within the window the select it. 
  • Basically, follow the instructions on-screen from this point onward, as depending on your case you might have to press a button or two within the extraction black-screen process.
  • Generally you just let it do its thing. It will take a while so go make a cup of tea or something.
Once that's over, you'll have a folder structure like this (which you can use for all sorts of modding purposes Smile ).

[Image: image.png]

Open the StreetFighterV folder and navigate through the folders until you get to these files OUTPUT\StreetFighterV\Content\Localization\Game_Steam

[Image: 2.png]

Open the folder of your liking or the one that relates to your game's language and copy the Game.locres

Step 3: Edit the Locres file and mod it into the game

First, unzip Swuforce's tool and double click the extracted folder and paste your Game.locres file. You should get something like this:

[Image: image.png]

Double-click on 'UE4_.locres_export' and choose your Locres file. After that, you should get a text file like this: 

[Image: image.png]

Open it and then press Ctrl.F to look for specific names for characters or functions and replace them accordingly. However, make sure you replace them while minding the correct capitalisation.
Also, make sure not to replace another word that simply shares letters from the character's name or function you're attempting to change. Once you're done, save your Locres text file.

After this, run 'UE4_.locres_import' WITHOUT deleting the actual Locres file and double-click on the text file.

The process will be in the background and it'll take a long-ish time. The programme will be indicated by this icon: 

[Image: image.png]

It will inform you when it's done, so while your changes are being integrated, you should extract the Mod Manager zip file. Within the extracted folder, make a directory like this: Your Extracted Mod Manager Folder\Games\SF5\Mods\Your Mod Name\StreetFighterV\Content\Localization\Game_Steam\en 
The 'en' should obviously correlate to the language you're editing.

By this time, your new Locres file will be cooked up and you'll get something like this:

[Image: image.png]

Cut it or copy it from there and into the Mod Manager directory you made (after the 'en' or the one that refers to the language you are changing). Also, don't forget to rename it to 'Game.locres'.

Step 4: Run MM in Admin mod and select your mod

I won't explain this step, but here is a guide by Fluffy Quack themselves:

Hope that helps anyone trying to mod names Smile
totally works! thank you for the tips, mate~~
Ouji greetings Pal is me xxMorgen ;D

This is a great tutorial (funny that i learn this from you and in same way cool)
i have some question to the function in game
"Will this work only by the costume / colour or work this for the entire Charackter ?"
@DOY The entire character Smile