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Hey All,

Sorry to inform that life projects have become really busy and I won't be able to keep up with modding anymore. Additionally, interest in DOA5 has certainly waned since the arrival of DOA6 which has not captured my attention at all either.

Unfortunately, I have a tendency to dust my tracks if I'm not able to frequent a subject anymore, so I will eventually be pulling down content that I cannot actively maintain. I have the utmost appreciation for the admin & community members here, so I am not doing this because of any disagreement or frustration. Modderbase is the best, and I appreciate everyone keeping the modding spirit alive!

I still frequent my dA account, so I can more easily be reached there.

~ ProtocolX27
Looking awesome Tongue
@BrutalAce Thanks! Smile

This is a repack from all the individual Ayane Hair Mods.  There was also a fix for the Dark Blue hair if the old one had the bad data that I saw in testing.
Hey ProtocolX27,

Long time fan of your work, and I know you like Rachel. Did you ever release a version of her default costume without the sword and belt? Not a request, just wondering. Thanks.

I think the only time I did that was for Xbox mods way back in the day. I didn't release mods then, so I don't have a PC one yet. Although, it should be easy to make. I've been caught up in learning XCOM 2 lately, so if I catch a break, I'll see what I can do.
@fightfanz I made the gear option by hairstyle should anyone want both.  It's activated based on every other style.
Whoa, that was fast thank you.

I had tried to do it myself for an hour using Polygon Insert tool and LR Photo Studio, but it would always error out trying to replace the meshes.
Not a problem! Smile

In some cases that might work. This one is more challenging since parts of the belt are combined with other parts of the costume, so it still involves cutting up a couple parts. If you are looking to do some basic edits, you really just need: Blender, the TMC Import Script, tmcmesh Export Script and then Polygon Insert Tool which you mentioned.
I've been trying to get back to some releases after detouring on rendering and animations for a few weeks.  I was hoping for Leona to be the next but I'm still struggling with the Face/Hair conversion.  Thankfully at least some other stuff came together in a short period of time.  Why not celebrate some new stuff by releasing some old stuff, lol.  Here's a couple of DOA4 based mods and a Cosplay/Guest combo mod for Rachel as Irene Lew from Ninja Gaiden.  I did look to see, yes it's been done, but of course this is 'my' version XD  ... I think it fits Rachel better Angel
I'm way behind on posts! XD  I've been cranking out some updates and key hurdles off my list.  I'll catch up on some of those later, so I'm just going to focus on Guest Mods this post.  Annie is a repost, Mikasa is new, Female is a repost/mega upgrade due to the hairstyles, Leona is new!

@Sensaiga Sorry it took me so long to finish Leona! She's at last release ready!! Smile
Nice! Looks great! Thank you!!!
(11-01-2017, 01:46 AM)Sensaiga Wrote: [ -> ]Nice! Looks great! Thank you!!!

Thank you! Not a prob! Smile
Love the mods Protocol! When I tried the Mikasa mod however, the game crashed on me the moment I got the custom on character select. It only half works so far. The hair and face files are the ones causing the problem. Anyone know owto fix this?
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